Aberdeen Swimming Lessons

Lessons are held in the heated pool at Camphill School Aberdeen, Bieldside, AB15 9EP
Tuesday 12.30 - 3.00, Thursday 12.30 - 3.00 and Friday 12-30 - 4.00

Hilton Aberdeen Treetops Hotel, Springfield Road, AB15 7AQ
Wednesday 10.00 – 1.00

Buoyancy Swim Class Times

Buoyancy Swim

Swimming Lessons in Aberdeen for babies and children

- aged from 3 months to 5 years.

Welcome to Buoyancy Swim! Lessons take place in a warm, safe and positive environment. The emphasis is on having fun and building water confidence and water safety skills. Each child is respected as an individual and encouraged to develop at their own pace.

The pool at Camphill School is an ideal size and temperature for a learn to swim programme. The water depth is 0.85 m shallow end, 1.10 m deep end. There is a first aid qualified pool supervisor present at all times. Classes are for babies and children from 3 months to 5 years.

The Hilton Treetops Hotel is a lovely, warm pool, a perfect temperature for babies and toddlers. Classes are for babies and toddlers from 3 months - 24 months.

  • Fully qualified, experienced swim teacher
  • STA (Swimming Teachers Association) Certificate in Teaching Swimming – Full
  • STA Certificate in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre school
  • NaRS (National Rescue Standard) Pool Safety Award
  • ASA/UKCC (Amateur Swimming Association) Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics
  • Montessori Diploma and Diploma in Pre school Practice

Parent and Baby Swimming Classes 3 – 6 months and 6 - 12 months

Parent and Baby classes strengthen the bond between you and your baby, whilst your baby develops water confidence and an understanding of water safety. Young babies adjust easily to a water environment and your child will quickly gain confidence if you maintain eye contact, smile, relax and have fun. Parents are shown how to support their baby in positions which stimulate movement of the legs and later the arms. Exploration is encouraged through songs and rhymes. Submersion is a natural part of learning to swim and is introduced when both parent and baby are happy in the aquatic environment. Praise, hugs and kisses are the only encouragement and motivation your baby will need.

Parent and Toddler Swimming Classes 1 – 2 years

We will develop your child’s water confidence and self confidence, introduce them to water safety skills and help them to discover the joys of playing and swimming in a fun safe environment.

Parent and Child Swimming Classes 2+ years

Parent and Child classes encourage the child to gain independence from the adult. Instruction is increasingly given to the child who continues to grow in confidence. New skills are developed and water safety practices are strengthened. The main goal is to strengthen leg movements and to encourage pulling with the arms. Submersion is achieved through games and rhymes, jumping in, blowing bubbles and swimming with faces in the water. These classes provide an opportunity for peer play.

Pre school Swimming Classes

If your child is happy to get into the water alone, not afraid to be splashed and able to listen to the teacher and follow simple instructions, then he/she can attend a class without their parent present in the water. They will learn confidence building practices, submerging, bubble blowing, floating on their front and back and kicking and pulling. These exercises can be achieved with aids initially, progressing to independent swimming.

Class Information

  • Lessons are based on 30 minute time slots.
  • Each class is a mix of carefully planned activities, including group and individual activities, swimming, floating, submersion and songs and games.
  • The instructor is in the pool for all of the classes.
  • It is not necessary for the person accompanying the child to be able to swim.
  • To ensure changing time is relaxed, please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your class and aim to leave 15 minutes after your class.
  • All babies and children (until they are potty trained) must wear a swim nappy. Children will not be allowed into the pool without the appropriate swimwear.
  • Classes are payable termly

It is important to remember that the later a child is introduced to a water environment the more likely they are to object to the unfamiliar sensations. Each child should develop at their own pace. The emphasis is on learning water skills in a fun, safe and inviting environment. As a parent your role is to relax, encourage and enjoy.

To register and for more information contact Julie McQuillan.

Telephone number: 01224 318651
Mobile number: 07906 863246
Email: buoyancy@btinternet.com